I am a new Senate employee. Am I required to take ethics training?
Yes. Under federal law, all Senators and staff must complete the Code of Official Conduct Training within 60 days of beginning their Senate service. Training may be completed by attending a live session or by watching the online training video.
How do I sign up for training?
Senate personnel may register for the Code of Official Conduct live session through the Committee’s website. Offices wishing to schedule group training for their staff may contact the Committee directly at (202) 224-2981 or submit the Schedule Training Form, to set up a date and time for the training.
Do I need to retake the Code of Official Conduct Training if I transferred from one Senate office to another?
It depends. You must complete ethics training if you rejoin the Senate after any break in service (i.e., leaving Senate employment). If you transfer from one Senate office to another with no break in service, you are not required to retake the training.
I just completed the Code of Official Conduct Training. How do I receive credit?
You must submit an Individual Certification of Completion of Ethics Training Requirement Form to your office’s Ethics Certification Officer (ECO). If you attend a live training session, you will receive this form at your session. If you complete the training online, you will receive the form from your ECO. Your ECO will then file the form with the Committee.
Does the Ethics Committee offer any training besides the Code of Official Conduct Training?
Yes. The Committee regularly conducts training on selected topics, including Code of Conduct refreshers, the rules governing campaign activity, and financial disclosure. The Committee is also available to conduct additional specialized training sessions at an office’s request.
My employing Senator wants our staff to take additional training. How can I arrange this?
Please contact the Committee at (202) 224-2981, to request specialized training for your office.